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Collectors Spotlight


Susan Sineath 

Dudley aka "Binkles" was the greatest of dogs- so funny, happy and loving.  His most favorite activity was chasing balls. He was rather smart about it,and trained us well!   If you were gardening, raking, planting or lounging  in a  chair reading he would bring his ball and drop it in your lap or right where  you were working. You then had no choice but to throw or kick it out of the way.  

As he bound after it he would soar through the air - joyful. Even repairmen when  entering the backyard were not immune.  

 He took a piece of my heart with him and left me with a piece of his.  I hope that one day I can say that I have become as generous and loving as Binkles was. 

I feel gifted by Dawn with these beautiful pieces of art she has made for me.   When I wear them he is closer to me  and I can look down and see his cute little face looking up at me as it always did.  

Thank you Dawn. I am forever grateful to you.