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To Vowel or not to Vowel

Posted by Dawn Estrin on

After an early morning pick me up and twenty minutes of Doggy Dance Play ( Beats headphones with tunes of your choice, an old stinky stuffed animal, two dogs.Blast the music in, dance and pretend that the slobber covered “thing” in your hand is flying and trembling like a butterfly, throw) They like it better than walking and feel more bonded to their “owners”, plus you get a workout.

As I typed a short text (recommendations of Al Franken book on audio and the Pete Holmes show called “Crashing”) I did this for the word “Ntflx”, and it made me think about the vowel as part of or NOT part of word and language.

When first and second graders learn writing they invariably leave out vowels and are challenged by their usage.Its one of the most important rules they learn at that stage.

Technology and its evolution has a huge influence on the use of vowels…we use far lesser of them in sending texts.As it speeds up, the mind goes back to the younger stage.

Rules are made to be broken.Thats what they teach you in art school.

I predict that soon there will be an entire novel written in text spelling and language, and maybe done just to make a point.Show living context and you read it in messenger.

Maybe I should do it.

I can’t break the rules on that one.

Im old and not that artistic.