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Al Franken Will Return

Posted by Dawn Estrin on

Listening to “Giant of the Senate”, the latest book by the now former Senator from Minnesota.

Interesting and funny as read by the author, it provides insight on the strength it took to straddle 40 years as an edgy comic writer and a move into politics, where anything remotely funny is fated for what Franken calls, “The dehumorizor”.

The recent allegations are not his first ride in the sexual allegations rodeo, despite a strong 35 year marriage to his college sweetheart.

His comedy was what political rivals used against him over and over in his Senate run, putting it through the dehumorizor and turning it into something it wasn’t.

Franken believes in helping people...that’s why he ran.His passion for that outweighs any part of him that would drop out of the fight.

Note to future housewives who want their husbands to take a picture of them with Mr. Franken:

Speak NOW...or forever hold your "piece."

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