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Hedy Lamarr and the Cell Phone

Posted by Dawn Estrin on

I recommend “The Deuce”, the latest offering from the geniuses who created “The Wire” and “Treme”, David Simon, George Pelecanos, and Richard Price.

Its also a great history lesson related to the #MeToo movement. The story of women, their sexuality, whoring, pimping, and how women bodies have always been important to their means of employment and survival of a raw and harsh life near the bottom.

A group of women writers are part of the project, as well as director Michele McLaren (Breaking Bad) and Maggie Gyllenhaal who stars and is also an executive producer.

The beautiful and intelligent Hedy Lamarr was laughed at on movie sets in the 1940s when she mentioned her idea for an invention which would allow communication to move and skip around frequencies, the technology that allows cell phone usage.

Part of keeping the paradigm shift going is to start with girls and teach them how to be more powerful.

Sports and especially martial arts are good tools for that.Girls need to compete more.These are things boys do for the most partby nature, not so much with girls.They need guidance and training.Boys need training to be chivalrous and polite.

The female body, with its archetypal mystery and beauty, will always be something that stirs the loins…thats just nature.

Its the nurture that needs repair.